Let Go

Afraid to say it

Afraid to know

Are you leaving?

Please God, no…

Take my hand

Don’t let go

Please say,

It isn’t so…

I guess for now

I have to let you go.

I love you

Again I let go

Of your hand

And watch you slow.

Time stops

As you begin to flow

Through the door

And out into the snow.

Goodbye my lover

I let you go…


Not right

A little less pain

Returns to me

Through years of isolation

I finally see

You weren’t right

For someone like me


When chaos begins
The hate seeps in
Tearing at the soul
Trying to take control
Fighting is no use
The pain can’t be refused.
It sets in
The anger; The Sin.
It’s all down hill
But I wonder still
Is there a way to end the pain
To push the hate away?
Or should I take revenge;
Make them all pay?


I wish I could tell you

Tell you all the things I dream

Dream at night

When you’re gone

Passing by a stranger

A stranger who is a friend

A friend to someone who

Who maybe you once knew

I knew you were a cliche

A cliche wrapped in a mystery

Mysteries fascinate me

Maybe that’s why I dreamt

Dreamt of you

You were my mysterious stranger

I could tell it all to

You were but a passing of wind

Come and gone

Gone into the next breath of air

I breathe air in and out

As I lay and dream of you…