A poem is

a poem just a poem written on a piece of paper or do you have to have that passion
and certain percision of putting exactly what you feel with a sence of beauty in it. Apoem should send you thrills down your spine and be something that you relate to and
adore. Life is like a poem, passionate, can be funny, is full …of feelings that can change
and can turn in a twist

What is love without a lover

What is love without a lover? Why must we play the games and go through the motions. Can you
find it in your heart to forgive me? Will we make it through? I must say to you that I will alwayslove you. Despite all the things I may have said to you. If I could only turn back to yesterday and

erase what was done. I’d go back and tell you all the things that I would have, no, should have

done for you. This bliss is madness covered by jealousy. I write of love for you my sweetheart.

Forever will I be your poet, your knight in shining armor. I will write these poems of love until

the day I die. I am what I am no longer can I lie, forever in my heart shall your spirit never die.

Lay here with me as the sun sets just way over the mountain tops, and let me kiss you just this

one last time before we say goodbye. Ill always love you forever until the end of time.♥

I hate you

All this fighting and this yellingEverything that happens

is another story

One more time

You abuse my time

Yell at me

THen think its all fine.

I fucking hate you with all my heart

I’m leaving you

Don’t effing start.

Leave me alone

No longer will I speak you’re name.

Or even call out it in vain

Stay away from you

Is what I must do

THis rage I have

Built up all for you.

21 years of hate and anger

This is what you get

My middle finger pointing right at you